Family Involvement

Daily Opportunities

At UCDC, we have an open door policy and we invite families to join their child’s class at any time.  Families are encouraged to join their child for lunch, volunteer their time to read a story to the group, or simply stop in to visit and play with their child and the other children. 

Neighborhood Excursions

Occasionally, the classes may choose to take their children on a short outing to explore our local community.  This may include a walking visit to the Carnegie Museum, the Cathedral of Learning, or the Carnegie Library.  For these visits, families are encouraged to volunteer to assist the class on this excursion.

Classroom/Center Opportunities

Throughout the year, we have a few classroom and Center wide activities for families to engage in.  Typically, each classroom will host a family breakfast, lunch, or snack at some point throughout the year. Also, parents/guardians and extended family are welcome and encouraged to come to the Center to participate in their child's birthday celebration which is typically held during afternoon snack. Children, with the help of classroom teachers, help to prepare a nutritious and delicious birthday snack that all are invited to enjoy. Additionally, we will host Center-wide family picnics that are held at a local park and all families and staff are invited to attend.  

Fund Raisers

Throughout the year, we offer a variety of opportunities to participate in fund raising activites that help to support classroom and program needs. These fund raisers are chosen based on ease of participation and functionality of the product being sold.